2018 Chevy Camaro: A Muscle Car with Unmatched Tech & Safety

Posted at Fri, Aug 25, 2017 12:00 AM

The Chevrolet Camaro is an American icon. Throngs of loyal Camaro customers have cruised America's roads for decades with the power of this vehicle at their fingertips and feet. And the 2018 Camaro promises to carry on that American tradition. This new muscle car blends the latest technology with the rich history upon which the Camaro has built its solid foundation, all to give the Camaro faithful what they desire.

The reviews are trickling in, and they overwhelmingly agree that Chevrolet has hit the mark with the 2018 Camaro.

Photo: Chevrolet.com

Aesthetic Beauty Meets Unparalleled Performance

As soon as you lay your eyes on the 2018 Camaro, you can see the love that went into its design. Chevrolet poured its collective heart and soul into every meticulously designed edge and sexy sleek curve. To our Chevrolet dealership near St. Pete, it appears that every detail of the sixth-generation Camaro was scrutinized and tweaked until it met stringent quality standards.

The exterior benefits from a smaller, more athletic frame. Its fastback profile and more pronounced quarter panels strike the perfect balance between nostalgia and innovation. This new iteration of Camaro borrows from the past and catapults itself into the future.

Chevrolet customers not only expect a good-looking car—they want and have also become accustomed to unmatched power and performance.

The new Camaro lineup offers four engine options ranging from the standard yet fierce V6 engine to the dominant, track-focused V8 ZL1. Each model offers ferocious performance and a powertrain option that gives control without sacrificing efficiency. The new Camaro’s larger grille opening creates a precise and efficient draft angle, and the roof's 'reverse Mohawk' improves air flow and efficiency, which was confirmed by Chevy’s wind-tunnel tests.

Every system of the 2018 Camaro is optimized to provide maximum power, comfort, and safety. Its precision steering and sophisticated suspension system promise a comfortable, safe ride. The Camaro also offers a drive mode selector that allows the driver to choose between sport, tour, and ice/snow modes. This innovative technology prepares the Camaro for any road condition. It’s these features that help this powerhouse live up to the Camaro name.

Photo: Chevrolet.com

High-End Technology & Safety

Technology has improved our lives but it has also increased the demands of life. Everybody feels the need to be connected, but doing so while driving is a big no-no. Chevy believes that technology must be designed to allow drivers to keep up with their busy schedule while never risking their safety when operating a vehicle. The 2018 Camaro offers the convenient and safety-conscious MyLink system to cut out those risks. This infotainment system also comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which adds another layer of convenience. And the available wireless charging station and Bose audio system improve interior comfort while you cruise through the beautiful landscapes of the Tampa area.

Chevrolet's views on safety are stated in three words: prevent, protect, respond. These three words inform every design decision that Chevy makes. The Camaro comes with a rearview camera with available parking assist, StabiliTrack electronic control, and a variety of active safety features that help to prevent accidents. Eight standard airbags and an ultra-high-strength steel safety cage protect occupants during collisions. An OnStar system, which comes standard for 3 months, notifies EMTs and the police when you need help.

Feel the Camaro’s Power at Dimmitt Chevrolet

Chevrolet knows that drivers want the perfect balance of power, safety, performance, and technology. The 2018 Camaro is a step toward providing its base content. The 2018 Camaro is a high-performance throwback to the glory days of American muscle as well as a safe, family-friendly car that isn’t afraid of grocery store parking lots.

While it may feel at home on the finest European testing tracks, the 2018 Chevy Camaro is also a standout on the sun-bleached roads of Clearwater and Tampa Bay, FL. To find out more about the newest iteration of this legendary vehicle, contact our Chevy dealership in Clearwater, FL at (727) 216-2811, or visit us at 25485 US Highway 19 North. Our expert Chevy sales professionals can help you find the perfect Chevy deal on a new Camaro or any other new or used car that’s sure to make your day.

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