Chevrolet is donating 300 vehicles

Posted at Tue, Mar 19, 2013 12:00 AM
Taxis underwater as a result of Super Storm Sandy in New Jersey.Chevrolet is donating 300 vehicles damaged by water during Superstorm Sandy for use in training first responders in Georgia. Detroit-based General Motors Co. announced Thursday that the cars, crossovers and SUVs would go to Guardian Centers in Perry, Ga.
“We could not sell them, so instead of crushing them, Chevrolet is using these vehicles to help train those who respond to just such disasters,” Chris Perry, U.S. vice president of Chevrolet Marketing, said in a statement.
Designed as a purpose-built training solution for all phases of disaster preparedness, Guardian Centers offers a fully operational, modern cityscape simulator for first responders to test their plans, skill sets, equipment and leadership. The vehicles are expected to help provide a realistic environment to simulate real-world incidents and natural disasters.
“The vehicles we received from Chevrolet are an essential component of full immersion disaster response training in a metropolitan environment,” Geoff Burkart, founder and CEO of Guardian Centers, said in a statement. “This level of realism and effectiveness cannot be overstated.”
The vehicles will be used in conjunction with role players for wide area searches, traffic congestion in emergency situations, counter terrorism, public order and mass casualty exercises.
Also in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Chevrolet donated 24 full-size Express passenger and cargo vans to Habitat for Humanity for use in its restoration efforts in the hardest-hit areas of the super storm.
Courtesy of CBS Detroit
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