How to Help Hurricane Irma Victims in Florida

Posted at Fri, Oct 13, 2017 12:00 AM

The catastrophe that was Hurricane Irma forced over 6 million Floridians to evacuate their homes and businesses. Now that the dangers have seemingly passed, approximately 1.2 million residents are still left without a roof over their heads. At Dimmitt Chevrolet, we understand how challenging the rebuilding efforts will be, which is why we’re hopeful that everyone pitches in. Below are six ways in which you can help our state and your neighbors tackle the post-Irma obstacles.

How to Help Hurricane Irma Victims in Florida

Volunteer Florida

Volunteer Florida needs volunteers for the state’s shelters and other disaster relief organizations. They offer Red Cross Shelter Training, so don’t worry if you feel like you lack the know-how to help. If you aren’t from any affected areas, such as Clearwater or St. Pete, you can always donate money. If you are interested in volunteering or donating, please visit the Volunteer Floridawebsite.

Save the Children

Sadly, there are still far too many displaced children who need shelter after Irma. At Save the Children, they urgently need your donations to give kids food, beds, cribs and a safe place to be kids. At Dimmitt Chevrolet, we strongly urge you to donate money at Even a little bit can go a long way in ensuring these children aren’t forgotten.

Feeding Florida

Food resources are dangerously low due to the hurricane’s destructive nature, so it is extremely vital that Feeding Florida receive your assistance. Help feed the victims of Irma by donating some money at


The folks at AirBNB are looking for homeowners in the surrounding areas and states to host families who have nowhere else to stay. Many displaced adults and children are still living in public shelters that don’t have the resources to care for everyone adequately. If you have room in your home, please consider opening your doors to your fellow Floridians while they find their way. If you’re interested in welcoming a new family into your house, please click here for more information.

Habitat for Humanity

Many people from Florida and around the country have entered Irma-ravaged areas in the state, but Habitat for Humanity urges those people to volunteer through an organized group instead—there simply aren’t enough supplies available to do anything alone! Instead, register to become a volunteer for the organization’s hurricane recovery program. And if you can’t volunteer for whatever reason, they’ll greatly appreciate any donation you can give. Visit if you wish to help.

Animal Welfare Organizations

People aren’t the only victims of Hurricane Irma—there are also a lot of displaced pets and strays who need your aid. The ASPCABest Friends Organization, and South Florida Wildlife Center are all desperate for your donations. To help save these poor, defenseless animals, visit one of these websites or speak with your local vet or animal shelter about becoming a temporary foster home.

If you have another resource to add, please feel free to comment below or contact our Clearwater car dealership directly at (727) 216-2811. We’d be more than happy to include those details in this post in an effort to get the word out. Stand strong, Florida! We’ll be back to running at full speed in no time.


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