How to Throw the Spookiest Halloween Party on Your Block!

Posted at Thu, Sep 28, 2017 12:00 AM

Stores are overflowing with costumes, jack-o-lanterns are popping up on doorsteps, and pretty much everything smells or tastes like pumpkin spice. Fall is here, and with fall comes one of the most thrilling holidays of the year--Halloween! It's almost time for scary movies, carving pumpkins, dressing up, and trick-or-treating. One of the best ways to enjoy the holiday with family and friends is to throw your very own, spectacularly spooky Halloween party! Keep reading for some helpful tips that will make your party the best on the block.


Devilishly Delicious Treats

Tempting treats are a must-have at any Halloween party. Savvy bakers have a field day creating cute and creepy masterpieces specifically for this time of the year, but you don't have to be Martha Stewart to pull off these delectable nibblers. Sure to please the entire crowd, these simple Halloween goodies are essential for any Hallows’ Eve festivities.


  • Frankenstein Rice Krispie Treats. Simply whip up a batch of Rice Krispie Treats, add a little green food coloring to your marshmallow fluff, and cut them into traditional rectangles. Dip the tops in melted chocolate, add a couple of eyeballs, and pipe on a stitched-up mouth to turn your treats into the undead (RIP George Romero)!
  • Strawberry Ghosts. This one requires no baking—score! Melt white chocolate in a fondue pot or double boiler, then dip your strawberries right up to the tip. The secret is in the way you let them harden—be sure to keep a bit of a "tail" on the strawberries when you rest them on the parchment paper to cool. Pipe on two tiny eyes and a mouth, or use miniature chocolate chips. 
  • Candy Corn Cookies. Add a little orange food coloring to refrigerated sugar cookie dough, then shape into triangles (or use a triangle-shaped cookie cutter). Once the cookies are baked, dip the tops in melted white chocolate and the bottoms in melted milk chocolate. 
  • Halloween Marshmallow Pops. These treats are super simple. The best part is that you can customize them in any creative way you like. Spear a marshmallow with a lollipop stick, and dip it into any kind of melted chocolate or colorful candy melt. Remove it from the dip and roll in sprinkles. Create a variety of different color combinations--the possibilities are endless! 

Awesomely Eerie Decor

You have the treats covered, but now you need to make the place look like Halloween. These DIY decorations are loads of fun and will definitely get your creative juices flowing.


  • Creative Pumpkins. You don't have to get slathered in pumpkin guts to create some great pumpkin decor. Leave those guts inside the pumpkin and grab the paints instead. Use your imagination to craft unique pumpkin designs like black cats, ghosts, candy corn, or even your kids’ favorite cartoon characters. For a simple, understated look, paint on a Halloween phrase like "Trick-or-Treat," "Happy Halloween," or "Boo!"  
  • Stenciled Tablecloth. Create your own special Halloween table covers with a plain tablecloth, pumpkin carving stencils, and fabric paint. 
  • Mini Ghost Town. Grab some black spray paint and unfinished bird houses from your local craft store, and get to work creating your own abandoned ghost town. Be creative and add special touches like webs, ghosts, or skeletons. 
  • Glowing Candles. Light up your party with creative candle displays. Fill glass hurricanes with candy corn, then nestle an orange candle in the center. Paint the inside of a mason jar orange, white, or purple, then create creepy silhouettes, ghostly faces, or jack-o-lanterns on the outside with a sharpie. You can also wrap a mason jar with cheesecloth, stick on a couple googly eyes, and add a flameless candle for an adorable mummy light. 
  • Ghostly Entryways. Dress up your doorways with ghostly tatters of cheesecloth. Your guests will love the eerie feeling of walking through these ghastly supernatural remnants!
  • Pumpkin Candy Dish. Serve up Halloween candies in a fun DIY candy dish. Simply cut a foam pumpkin in half, fill it with candy, and rest the top half of the pumpkin on an angle. 

Terrifically Terrifying Tricks

No party is complete without some games, and no Halloween party is complete without a few tricks to go with the treats. These games and activities will ensure that all your guests have a ghoulishly good time.

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  • Eerie Blind Bowls. Fill bowls or boxes with items like peeled grapes (feels like “eyeballs”), cold cooked spaghetti (brains), banana peels (dead skin), or candy corn (teeth). Decorate your containers in a spooky theme and watch as the little goblins squeal with delight. 
  • Pop the Pumpkins. Add tiny treats like fun-size candy bars to an orange balloon, then fill it up (no helium needed). Add a couple of green leaves to the top of the "pumpkin." Make a bunch of these pumpkin treats and have the kids pop them to find the special prizes, almost like a Piñata!
  • Guess How Many. Fill a large mason jar with candy corn and encourage guests to guess how many. Don't forget to have a great prize for the winner!
  • Zombie Nerf War. Nerf wars are always a hit. A little twist makes the typical Nerf battle perfect for Halloween. Divide your guests into "survivors" and "zombies." The survivors try to eliminate the zombies without becoming one themselves (tag, you’re it)!
  • Mummy Relay. This game is a blast for both kids and adults. Guests are divided into teams and they must wrap each other in toilet paper before heading to the finish line. Be careful--if your mummy rags snap, it's back to the start for your team!

Halloween is a fun holiday filled with delicious treats and hilarious tricks. Planning a family-friendly party for your kids, friends, and neighbors is a great way to celebrate and have some spooky fun. 

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