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Dimmitt Chevrolet’s Own Chevy Legend – Mark McIntyre

Posted at Wed, Oct 31, 2018 11:00 AM

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Sales consultant Mark McIntyre has been with Dimmitt Chevrolet for almost 16 years and was recently honored by Chevrolet as a Chevy Legend. Only the most loyal of loyal Chevy truck owners can be recognized as a Chevy Legend. 2018 celebrates 100 years of Chevrolet trucks so we’re honored to introduce you to Mark.  Learn a little more about our own Chevy Legend and why he loves his Chevy trucks so much:

Chevy Truck Legend Mark McIntyre Clearwater FLHow long have you owned Chevrolet trucks? I got my first Chevy truck in 1985. The reason I bought my first Chevy truck is because it was the best priced vehicle on the lot.

How many Chevy trucks have you owned? I’m on my 13th Chevy pickup.

Do you remember your first one? It was a 1985 S10 Pickup. I called my first pickup “Chugger” (laughs) because I pulled a 6,500 lb boat with it. And it chugged.  

Do you name all your trucks? Of course I do! The one I have now (a 2017 Silverado 3500 HD 4x4 Dually Diesel) is The Beast because it’ll pull anything I need to, especially for my business. I’m pulling a 26’ enclosed trailer most of the time. Also cars and motorcycles. It has a hydraulic lift on the back that we could put a Chevy Spark onto if we needed to!

What is it about a Chevy truck that makes you happy? The dependability every time I go out to start it. It fires right up and I never have these little nit-picking idiosyncrasies that I would have to tolerate (with another vehicle).

If you could take The Beast on a road trip, where would you go and why?  I’d like to hit all four corners of the United States – Maine, Florida, California and Washington and just make a big loop. And of course stop in Vegas on the way back.

Dimmitt Chevy's Mark McIntyre Chevy Truck LegendWhy would you recommend someone   purchase a Chevrolet truck over  another brand? Because they’re the best built trucks in America! Very dependable and reliable.

How does it feel to be called a Chevy  Legend? Out of my trucks that I’ve  previously had and my current truck I’ve put close to 450,000 miles on them. When I got my Chevy Legend gear, I felt special!

If you're interested in purchasing your own Chevrolet truck and working on becoming a Chevy truck legend, contact us at (727) 219-2393 or visit us at 25485 US Hwy 19 N in Clearwater, Florida. Also be sure to follow Dimmitt Chevrolet on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube

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